50k subscribers on my YouTube!

I made it to 50k on my YouTube and I’m ever so grateful 💕
A lot of people on social media tell you that the numbers don’t matter but I call bullshit.
To me, having more subscribers means I reach more people.
The more people I reach means the more people I can help & connect with.
My YouTube channel, the videos I create, have helped countless people go vegan.
It’s helped people become minimalists, learn to let go, practise self-love, live the simple life, get the courage to shave their hair or leave a religion they don’t want to be in.
It’s helped people with their yoga journeys and creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the list goes on.
It’s amazing that I’ve been able to change my life for the better & that you want to as well 💖 #dogood #bethechange
I’ve changed so much in the past few years and I’m always growing. Thank you for growing with me 🌿
The fact that people want to learn from me & find inspiration from me just makes my heart so full. It blows me away.
I love you all and I’m happy we can help each on our journeys.
✨ This is just the beginning ✨
Ps. Don’t ever think that you can’t make a difference because you CAN.