Life Is A Gift

I have a page on my website (click here) that will help you answer your questions & learn more about veganism.
There are links to videos and helpful information.

When I wanted to go vegan I found it hard to find information in one place. So I created this page to help others on their journey.
I learnt a lot of things after I went vegan. I’d already decided I didn’t want to support the violence and exploitation of innocent beings but I was shocked to find out months later about the effects animal agriculture has on the environment.

It still brings me to tears when I think about the millions of starving people in the world who could be fed with the grain we’re growing for livestock. 7 billion people on earth. Enough food to feed 10 billion.

It’s so saddening knowing that animals are suffering every single day.

Life is a gift. It’s easy to overlook it when you’re told eating animals is normal and okay. But in reality you’re taking a life of someone who doesn’t want to die. You’re taking away a sentient beings gift. The gift of life. Animals feel happiness, sadness and pain just like us. They have families, friends and can communicate.

When you know the whole truth your eyes will be opened to a whole new light. Your heart too 

Vegan for everything. For the animals. For your health. For people. For the environment 🌏✌🏼🌱

Why Go Vegan? 👉🏻

Pictured below are two beautiful boys I raised from just a couple days old. They’re gone now. They were chopped into tiny pieces like their lives meant nothing at just 1.5 years old.
When most people look at beef they see food but i see their faces.
I speak up for these babies & for the 470+ calves that I raised when I worked on a dairy farm before I went vegan.
I went vegan because of working in the dairy industry.
The truth turned me vegan. Dairy is fucking cruel. Dairy is scary. 
My vegan story is on YouTube (click here).