Egg & Chicken Truth

If you’re going to eat these products then you should know the truth.
Please know it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to eat animals to survive.  Want more information? Click on the menu above titled How To Go Vegan for helpful videos and info on how to go vegan.
The following info is about eggs and hens in Australia.

It is common practice though out the world so don’t think your country is an exception.


The current demand for eggs in Australia can only be met by factory farming.

If you stop supporting these industries by going plant based then they loose their demand #supplyanddemand
Hens are sent to slaughter at just 18 months of age. They naturally can live to 8-10 years of age.

Male chicks are killed at birth because they can’t lay eggs. They are put into a grinder alive, suffocated to death in plastic bags or gassed to death.

It doesn’t matter if it’s organic, free range, RSPCA approved and caged eggs. It’s a fact for all.

Hens are debeaked without any pain relief. Only certified organic chickens are not debeaked. Just because a label says ‘organic’ it doesn’t mean they are. Please keep in mind everything else above that happens.

Every year 12 million male chicks are killed in the first day of their lives as waste products of the Australian egg industry.

There is no legal definition of the term free range in Australia.
The term ‘Cage-free’ means the hens are raised in barns and do not have access to the outdoors.


Current demand for chicken meat in Australia can only be met by factory farming. You can reduce the demand by going plant based.

There is no legal definition of the term free range in Australia.

Wether it be free range, RSPCA approved, certified organic and FREPA certified free range – all day old male chicks are killed as mentioned above. All chickens are bred to grow unnaturally fast. They grow up to three times as fast as they would naturally. All chickens are slaughtered before they reach full maturity.

The unnaturally fast growth has a severe negative impacts on the chickens lives. 20 million chickens die in sheds every year in Australia as a direct result of how they are being farmed. This is across ALL chicken production systems – factory to free range.

When they reach ‘slaughter weight’ chickens are handled roughly. They are grabbed by the legs and stuffed into transport crates with hardly any room to move. Many chickens have their bones broken in the process.

All chickens await the same fate, wether they be organic, free range or RSPCA approved. They are all slaughtered.

Once they reach the slaughter house after hours, sometimes days, they are hung upside down with their feet in shackles. Their heads are taken through a electrified water bath to stun them unconscious then an automatic knife cuts their throat. Some places now use gassing systems.

Some chickens miss the electric water bath if they raise their heads which means their throat is slit whilst fully conscious.

Now you know the #truth 🐥 You can go vegan today!