Cattle Ranchers Gone Vegan

Tonight I watched two videos (below) by Bite Size Vegan about a couple who were cattle ranchers but are now vegan. It’s really amazing to see and brings a tear to me eye.
It’s inspiring because I know they were taught that what they were doing was okay and normal. Their parents, great grandparents and so on did it so there’s nothing to question.

If you read my post “You Wouldn’t Eat A Dog” you’ll understand more of what I’m speaking about here.

These cattle ranchers were accustomed to being a certain way but they challenged it. They decided for themselves what was right and wrong. They didn’t let their families and job make the decision for them. They became educated and made an informed decision.

I just wish all people would become educated on animal argruculture. Whether it be about how animals are mutilated, abused, tortured and killed or the health problems you’ll face consuming animal products or the horrible affects animal agriculture has on the earth and environment.

Be open minded and see what’s really going on so you can make an informed decision.