Overcoming Insecurities 

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”

It’s been 45 days since my Goodbye Dark Circles post about my hyperpigmentation so I thought I’d give you a little update. If you haven’t read it yet then please do HERE.

Firstly, it’s been one month since I’ve worn ANY makeup! I didn’t do this on purpose, it kinda just happened…

I kind of just clicked one day whilst cleaning the bathroom and I put all my makeup away – out of sight out of mind.

I thought to myself.. the real reason you wear makeup is because your insecure. We’re told that dark circles are ugly & need to be covered up, we’re told we look tired or that we’re unwell and we’re told that without makeup we’re not well presented. I call bullshit, honestly. It’s all a bunch of fucking crap.

I feel like wearing makeup was an excuse not to face my insecurities. It was something for me to hide behind. Covering up wasn’t doing myself any favours. Every time I put on that makeup I was creating the “issue”. Creating the “problem”.

In my last post I said I love wearing makeup and that’s true, I do (or did). But when I truly think about it, I only wear it out of fear. I wear it to save myself the comments. Prevention I use to tell myself. I use to make excuses and ideas in my head to justify wearing it.

When I truly think about it it makes me sad. Sad that I couldn’t even walk around without feeling like people were looking. It’s sad that I cared.

This last month has been eye opening. It’s amazing to be able to walk around and forget that I don’t have makeup on, it’s amazing to feel comfortable without it and even more amazing to not care what people think. My skin is really loving being makeup free and so am I. I feel free!

You know what? I haven’t had a single person comment on it since not wearing makeup. No one! To be honest, I don’t care if anyone does anymore. Do your worst. I’m not going to act out of fear. I’m not going to cover up because there’s nothing I need to hide.

As each day passes I accept myself just that little bit more. I’m not letting my insecurities control me.

I’ve been having a lot of soul awakening realisations over the past few months and it’s like I’ve opened my mind to this whole other side.

Many more realisations to come. Stay tuned 🙂