What’s Wrong With Eggs? 

I posted some videos to my Snapchat story last night about the egg industry.

I spoke about how “free range” barn eggs aren’t actually free range. Instead of 10 or so hens being stuffed into small cages there are thousands of hens stuffed into a barn. They are still in over crowded, horrible conditions with barely enough room to flap their wings.

I wanted to go into more detail and share more information but instead of smashing it all out on Snapchat I thought I’d give you some insight here 🙂

Take a look at this video:

Now watch this one:

Remember, this isn’t just America. It’s worldwide.

Unfortunately, before I was vegan I thought I was supporting something honest and true. I thought I was buying free range eggs from happy hens but now I know there is no such thing as a happy hen in the egg industry. If you watch both of the videos above you’ll understand why.

This isn’t just about whether or not your eggs are actually free range, it’s about the welfare of the hens that produce those eggs. Naturally hens produce 12-15 eggs per year but in the egg industry they are forced to produce over 300 per year which robs their bodies of essential nutrients and leads to premature death. If they don’t die from exhaustion, disease or malnutrition they are sent to slaughter when their production declines, typically around 68-72 weeks of age. Their natural life expectancy is around 8-10 year with some even reaching 20 years.

You see, even if the eggs you buy are free range or barn eggs, those hens are stilling being used and abused.

What about backyard laying hens you ask? “If you have been led to believe that backyard egg production is a humane alternative, or that consuming eggs from rescued hens can be ethical, please ask yourself…” Click HERE to read more.

Read THIS one if you’re vegan and think consuming backyard eggs is okay.

  • Fact: Hens live for about 8-10 years but in the egg industry they are killed before they reach  2 years old.
  • Fact: There is no such thing as a happy hen or egg in the egg industry
  • Fact: Eggs = pain, suffering and death for the chickens

Remember, a life is a life and every living being deserves their life.

I want the truth to be out there. I want to share the truth.

Please don’t just read my words. Watch the above videos so you can become informed, know the truth and make a stand. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Go Vegan. For the animals.For the earth. For the environment. For the people. For your health.


Don’t believe the happy hens, humane slaughter, free range bullshit any longer. Open your eyes, see the truth.