No Hair Don’t Care

For those that don’t know, I shaved my head completely BALD and this is how long it is now.
2 years and 7 month of natural growth.

Before I shaved it I was so obsessed with how it looked, how it was cut, how it was coloured and how it was styled. The obsession consumed me. I didn’t even notice it at first that it was a problem. I thought it was just normal. Something all girls had to deal with.

I realised it didn’t have to be this way so one day I just clicked and I shaved it.

I didn’t want to be attached to it any longer. Hair isn’t everything. It’s just fucking hair. I wanted to show myself that I could feel pretty without it. You don’t have to have long hair to be beautiful, despite what “society” says.

I never thought I’d be strong enough to do it but I’m so happy I did it.

I also raised money for cancer. My uncle passed away from cancer 8 years ago at just 25 years of age and my nana passed away 7 years ago.

I felt so free without it. It was such an amazing feeling.
Not having to brush hair or wash anything for awhile was a nice bonus too 😝

Lately I’ve been feeling like colouring or cutting it (it’s completely natural & uncut at the moment) but the thought of “ruining” what I’ve got makes me anxious. I always get compliments about my hair. I’m told how beautiful it is and not to colour or cut it.

You see, without realising I’ve started to become attached to it again and I don’t want that.

“The root of suffering is attachment”.

I don’t want it to control me again. Hair isn’t everything. It’s just hair.

What’s next? You’ll just have to wait and see.


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