Veal Is Dairy

I use to work in the diary/meat industry. My job was a calf feeder. Every single day for 99 days I fed calves that were being raised for beef. 

I grew to love and care for the calves. I remember joking with friends saying I had a couple hundred pet calves. That’s what it felt like. I did everything you would do for your pet dog or cat. They were my babies.

I found it hard to see the way they were treated and knowing that their bodies were soon to be found on a diner plate. I was shocked to see what happened behind closed doors. It turned me vegan.

I want to give you some insight. A lot of which I have witnessed myself…

The life of a calf raised for veal or beef:

Dairy cows don’t just magically start producing milk. They need to be impregnated first. Once they’ve given birth, the calf is taken off them. If the calf is a male it’s either instantly killed or raised for veal or beef. If the calf is a female then her fate is the same as her mothers.

Just a few short hours after birth the calves are taken from their mother and put on a truck to another location.

Calves need Colostrum. Colostrum is in their mothers milk. It contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease. Calves are born with no immunity against disease. Their immune system isn’t fully developed until about 1-2 months of age. After birth, by the 24 hour mark the gut begins to close and it becomes extremely difficult for the calf to absorb the antibodies in the colostrum. The calf’s intestine becomes impermeable to large proteins. Studies have shown, that at six hours after birth, calves absorbed 66 % of the immunoglobulins in colostrum, but at 36 hours after birth calves were able to absorb only 7 % of immunoglobulins. Calves need to be with their mothers, not ripped away. Some farms give the calves a colostrum replacer through a bottle but by then it’s usually not good enough or too late. 

On day 1-2 of the calves life their moved into a small, smelly, cold, unprotected from the wind, dirt filled pen (or concrete lot) that’s rarely cleaned out.  They sleep on their own feces and urine. 

Their taught by a human to feed from a plastic feeder and at some farms only given a small amount of milk. If they were on their mother they’d be able to drink as much milk as they wanted. They’re fed a diet mostly of milk and then straight onto grain to fatten them up. The milk is pumped from sore sick cows whose milk  cannot be used for dairy so it’s used to feed the calves. After only a few short weeks their fed daily with COLD long life carton milk. You know, the exact same milk people buy from the grocery store.
Most of the time it’s lactose free or low fat because they were cheap for the farm to buy. They are well past their expiry date too.

The calves immune systems aren’t strong so they get sick easy and they are pumped full of antibiotics. Medicine that’s not fit for human consumption and expired medicine but given anyway because it’s convenient for the farm. Jabbed with a unsterilised reused needles. I’ve seen needles put in the wrong place which causes nerve damage. Pneumonia is very common with calves due to their poor living conditions and the cold milk. I’ve seen countless calves die. 

I’ve seen dead calves left to decompose in pens with others. Calves that died due to lack of care by the farm, lack of colostrum or sickness. Calves that didn’t even have a chance. 

Some of the calves are not even supplied with any water or adequate amounts. The workers tell you it’s okay. It’s meant to be this way. 

They are hit over the head with sticks and pipes. Kicked, punched, thrown to the ground, stood on. Treated as though they are nothing. Treated as though they feel no pain. The staff use scare tactics to control the animals. Watch this video HERE

The calves are castrated around 2 months of age with no pain relief. A rubber ring is used to block the arterial blood flow. Very painful! 

Eventually they’ll be sold to the highest bidder along with hundreds of calves who’ve experienced the same upbringing. Countless amounts of calves go through this same thing on a daily basis all around the world.

That’s the life of a bobby calf.. A calf being raised in the meat industry. Every time you have a glass of milk, some cheese or any other form of dairy this is what you’re supporting. If you eat beef or veal, this is what you’re supporting. When I became aware of this I had to go vegan. Like I mentioned before I viewed these calves just as you would a cat or dog. It broke my heart to see the amount of suffering they go through and I couldn’t be apart of it any longer. I’m vegan for them. 

How can we stay silent when these beautiful, smart animals are suffering?

Think of all the mothers who have lost their calves. Think of all the mothers who are made to fall pregnant countless times just so they keep producing milk for humans to drink. Think of all the mothers who calves are taken to be killed instantly/disposed of, taken for meat (if it’s male) or raises as a dairy cow (it’s it’s female). Think of all the innocent beautiful calves like the one pictured below. Look at his beautiful face.

Think of them. Open your eyes. See the truth.

Life of a dairy cow:

In order to produce milk a dairy cow must be impregnated. Just like humans. She becomes pregnant usually by artificial insemination because it’s the fastest method.

After nine months, the calf is born. Males will go to the meat industry. Females will go to the dairy industry. 

Throughout their milking lifespan they get pregnant countless times and have their baby stolen from them. Watch this video HERE of a mother crying for her baby.

Every day, multiple times per day a dairy cow is hooked up a automatic milking machine. Left bruised and bloody. This is their life. Every single day. 

After usually 5 years the cow is no longer useful so it’s sent to slaughter. The pain they go through is too much for their bodies. The endless milking and giving birth takes it’s toll. The average lifespan of a cow not being used for dairy is 25 years!

I ate meat and dairy because I didn’t know the truth. I didn’t know what was going on. I was uneducated. The meat and dairy industry is lying to us! They try to portray something that is false. Don’t fall into the trap!

My eyes are now opened. Images burned into my brain for eternity. I don’t want those lives of the calves who died and the ones who will die to be lost in vain. I want to help spread the word. The truth. 

We don’t need to eat animals. We can get everything we need from plants. We don’t need to harm animals.

You can make a difference TODAY. Go Vegan.

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Go vegan for the animals. For the earth. For the ocean. For the Amazon. For world hunger. For your health. For everything.

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