All animals deserve life

It’s crazy that we live in a world where hitting a dog is animal cruelty, tying it up for days is animal cruelty, restricting a dogs food & water is animal cruelty or putting it in a small cage is animal cruelty…But yet this is EXACTLY what happens in animal agriculture. How is a cow, chicken, pig etc any different to a dog? Honestly. Think about it. The only difference is your perception.

We don’t need to eat animals to survive. We can get what we need from plants.

You can thrive being a vegan and save the animals, the people and the planet at the same time!

I’m an animal lover. I love ALL animals, not just the ones called “pets”. ALL animals deserve to live 💚

I’ve found a super helpful page that answers vegan myths. Take a look HERE.

Some meat eaters or vegetarians says it’s too hard or complicated to be vegan but it’s not hard when you know you’re not supporting animal abuse. It’s not hard when you know you’re doing the right thing by people, animals and the planet.

Side note, if you’re vegetarian check out THIS video on how you’re still supporting pain and suffering by not going vegan.

Go vegan x