Humane way to die?

The best thing about being vegan is knowing you’re helping the animals, helping the planet and your own body too whilst you’re at it. 

Being Vegan isn’t just about the food you eat. It’s a lifestyle. I didn’t fully understand this until I became vegan. I’m always learning  – the truth about how these beautiful animals are being used. This shit was always out there but I had my eyes closed, taped shut with a blind fold on too. 

Today I ask you to please open your eyes, take off the blindfold and look. I know you love animals just like I do. I know you want to help. You can help. Go Vegan ❤

Yesterday I learnt about pigs in Australia. After watching a video (here) on YouTube by Bite Size Vegan I wanted to know more.. She spoke about Animal Liberation Victoria. I headed to their website and watched the video that first popped up. Watch here

Please watch it. Not only will your eyes be opened but you’ll understand what I’m saying below. What I’m saying will make more sense.

Watching that video made me think and I was on a mission for answers so I headed to the RSPCA website. 

If you’re an Aussie you defiantly know who the RSPCA are and if you aren’t then you might not. RSPCA is a charity providing animal care and protection services. That’s what it says on their website anyway. 

Surely the RSPCA, the place that I’ve always thought cared about the health and wellbeing of animals didn’t support this way to die???! 

Now, this is where shit gets totally messed up…. 

Ever been shopping for meat or eggs in the supermarket and spotted the “RSPCA Approved” sticker? Here’s why that’s there: 

“Eggs and meat approved under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme have been produced humanely and by choosing RSPCA Approved products you will be helping the RSPCA improve the lives of Australia’s farm animals” 

On that website it also states:  

“Slaughter of pigs is carried out following gas or electrical stunning. Abattoirs processing small numbers of pigs will usually stun the pig using electric tongs. Larger abattoirs (e.g. those processing around 240 pigs per hour) will have gas (CO2) stunning systems. Stunning is important and ensures that the animal is unconscious and insensible to pain prior to bleeding out”

What is c02 stunning you ask? And is it different to the video you’ve just watched above? Well it might not look EXACTLY like the surroundings you watched but the method is the same. 

“Carbon dioxide (CO2) stunning is used to make an animal unconscious just before slaughter. ‘Stunning’ is probably the wrong word as animals are not responding to a shock, which is the case with mechanical or electrical stunning methods. Rather, the animal gradually loses consciousness through exposure to the gas.”

The RSPCA believes this is humane. That this isn’t suffering. That it’s the humane way to die. Think I’m pulling those words from no where? 

Get a load of this which I sourced from their website:

“Dictionary meanings of humane include: ‘kind, benevolent behaviour’ and ‘compassion for the suffering or distressed’ when applied to people and ‘inflicts less pain than others’ when applied to an instrument.

All methods of humane killing, including slaughter and on-farm euthanasia, must meet the same criteria: 

  • death of an animal without panic, pain or distress 
  • instant unconsciousness followed by rapid death without regaining consciousness 
  • reliability for both single or large numbers of animals
  • simplicity and minimal maintenance 
  • minimal detrimental impact on operators or observers”

No doubt you have the same look on your face as I did when I read all of this. 

Watch those pigs in a gas chamber. Tell me they aren’t suffering. Tell me they aren’t panicking. Tell me they aren’t distressed!

I use to buy RSPCA approved products before I was vegan because I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I was supporting something honest. But at the end of the day these pigs are still being killed the same way as pigs not approved by the RSPCA. 

Don’t let them sugar coat it anymore. Don’t like it? Don’t support it. Don’t support them. Don’t believe everything these big companies tell you. They care too much about the money. Right and wrong doesn’t matter when you’re sitting on a big pile of $$$$$$$. It’s fucking bullshit. 

Go vegan. Save the animals. Save the planet. Save future generations. Save yourself.