Vegans aren’t a joke

Vegans are trying to save the lives of animals and also the environment but yet they are the bad guys? The joke?

Vegans are the extreme ones because they don’t eat meat? They’re extreme because they eat plant based?

If Vegans are apparently extremist then what are non vegans? What do you call the people who eat animals? Eat another living being? Kill another living being? You might not be killing them yourself but you’re paying for it to be done with the animal products you buy.

But we’ve been eating/using animals for years you say? Just because something has been done a certain way doesn’t make it right. People have been murdering one another since the dawn of time. Does it mean its okay? It’s alright? No.

Do you love animals? If your answer is yes then why not get educated. Open your eyes. We’ve been tricked and lied to for a very long time and it’s just not right.

There are animals out there suffering for no reason. Earth, our home, is suffering greatly too. Animal agriculture is making a negative impact on the earth.

Go Vegan. Vegan for your health. Vegan for the animals. Vegan for the earth. Vegan for our future generations.Vegan for you.


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